Thursday, 25 June 2009

Taverna in Kalives

It was so hot on this day. Kalives is a very nice little town by the seaside - full of English ex pats - it was lovely to sit in this little taverna next to the sea with the breeze blowing through. They did a very nice cheese saganaki as well!

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Tony said...

My name is Tony Brown and I am a lazy writer.
I like your drawing style and am curious as to which taverna you made that sketch in. I was in Kalives at the beginning of May with other grecophiles who enjoy the enthusiasm of
Actually, I did finish my first novel and it's for sale on my site: but if you would like a copy I can email you one as an attachment. I console myself for not having an agent or publisher by telling myself my book's impossible to pidgeon-hole, that I'm not a celebrity and nor do I have artificially enchanced breasts so it wouldn't be a sure-fire hit.
My latest consolation is the realisation that I really enjoyed the writing of it - visiting Greece every day without leaving home and that is all I need.
But do keep that pencil sharpened and just have fun.