Sunday, 10 January 2010

Happy 2010

Happy 2010 to the lovely people that visit my blog. I hope you all had great holidays!
It's nice to get back in the swing of things. I have been doing some drawing but have unfortunately done nothing that I wanted to show anybody - I'm not sure why it's like that at the moment. That's why posts have been a bit thin on the ground lately! However, I'm continuing with my animal portraits and have started this 6 x 6 inch painting of a cat. This is the painting as it stands at the moment - I have painted the first layer. I'm fairly new to the concept of 'layering' in oils so am not sure how this will eventually turn out. I'm waiting for this layer to dry and then will continue with the painting. I have an idea that this is the best the painting is going to look but will have to wait and see!
By the way, regular readers of the blog will have noticed that I'm not actually living on a narrowboat any more and I was trying to sell it, but now I'm thinking about moving back onto it in the not so distant future! It's an addictive way of life!

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Unknown said...

The miniature version of this appeared on my dashboard alongside your blog name. I thought it quite fitting as this cat looks very lazy! Great start, can't wait to see it finished!