Tuesday, 25 August 2015

My Cautious Process

Just thought I'd share the process I go through at the moment to paint a still life. If I don't make a careful drawing to start with I often find things go awry, so I first look at my set up through the small framed acetate sheet shown below (measuring 4 x 3 inches), to work out the composition. Then I draw a grid in my sketchbook to the same size as my board (8 x 6 inches) and draw in a grid to the same proportions as my acetate frame (2 inch squares). Then I look at the set up through the acetate grid, holding it as still as possible, observing important edges and measurements through the grid and marking them down on the sketchbook grid. Then I continue with the sketchbook drawing until I feel the drawing is correct. (The drawing for this painting is shown below.) Then I draw the grid on my board (bear with, bear with...!!) and use the sketchbook drawing to make an accurate drawing on the board in chalk pastel. Such is my cautious process at this time, hopefully one day I'll be able to throw caution to the wind!!!

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