Saturday, 27 September 2008

The first sketch was done last night - I had a very busy day yesterday and didnt get to draw until about 9pm. I thought I wasnt going to get anything done and I might break the spell by having a day without sketching but just about managed to produce this while D was watching X2.
The second one was done this afternoon - what a beautiful day! We drove round all morning doing various chores and came back with toys for the rabbit then sat outside watching him play - his favourite was the shoe box we got with D's new shoes... I dont usually tackle boats - not my strong point - but I made a brave attempt at our neighbour's boat - something I wouldnt normally be bothered to do without the incentive of this blog. We are a bit worried about our neighbour as we havent seen him for ages...


Timaree said...

I used to do folk art painting based on the roses and castles of Englands old canal boats. Is that what you are living on? I love the bright colors and style of those old boats.

Hope you find out your neighbor is okay.

Great drawings. Hopefully joining EDM will inspire you to keep it up.

Angie said...

Thank you - yes I am on one of those boats, but havent got any roses or castles as yet! My neighbour is fine - we hadnt seen him because he'd been doing very long hours at work.