Sunday, 5 October 2008

Watching lots of TV

Yes I must confess we do watch a lot of TV - especially when it's stormy outside and the coal fire is burning in the corner and we are cuddled up on our sofa. The top pic was done on Friday - it's a pencil sketch of D and looks quite insipid next to the pen sketches I think. I am much more careful when I am working in pencil, much bolder in pen. The second one was done yesterday of D watching Strictly Come Dancing. We had been to see his mum in her nursing home on the south coast all day. We had planned to go out Saturday night but succumbed to the fire and sofa! The bottom one was done whilst watching 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' on Sunday afternoon.


bettyfromtexas said...

Your sketches are so charming and skillful!! Welcome to the Everyday Matters Group!! We are glad you are here, and I know you will enjoy the association!!!

Angie said...

Thank you so much Betty!

Anonymous said...

These are VERY cool...I love your crisp lines.

Kate (Cathy) Johnson

Unknown said...

Hello Londoner!
If you sail down the Thames estuary you'll find Misha in Whitstable, easier through my blog

I am very interested in your so-called insipid pencil: what sort is it? Have you tried coloured pencils. From my blog, you'll see that I am trying Sepia (Derwent from a big art shop called Cosmos in Canterbury) of which I like the soft nature of the pencil, although stregth in "pushing" on the paper must be controlled. I have tried with b4 pencils, contrasting the H2. Ther is such a range, and with your range of skills in handling the pencil, it is far from insipid. Let me say a ahaa to good ol' boy!
Well done! Keep afloat and warm, ahoy!
Best regards, Misha