Thursday, 27 November 2008


It's a sleety, grey cold afternoon but the worse it gets outside the cosier I feel in here.


Christina said...

Beautiful linework!

annie said...

What a lovely drawing, Annie. I just found your blog from Jennifer's
comment page.

My dream house would be a narrowboat
on a canal. (S*I*G*H)... How long have you lived on one?

annie (with a little a)

Jennifer Lawson said...

Just wonderful!!! I know it is crazy, but I love drawing dogs.

Angie said...

Thanks everyone. I do love drawing my two dogs - never get tired of it really. Annie, I have lived on this boat for about a year and contrary to popular belief it is very warm and cosy in the winter.

Revelle Taillon said...

Lovely sketch. Wish I allowed my dog on the couch. Would be a lot easier to sketch her! LOL!!! She's a floor dog for now. Revelle