Friday, 4 November 2011

Morning at Atbara

This is a painting I did of my husband Art, in our old house. Art died 5 years ago yesterday. I'm very lucky to have found a lovely new man, but I still think about Art every day and talk about him all the time, always with a smile and a laugh. The only thing that makes me sad is thinking about him when he was ill and in pain. He was a mad character and had a habit of collecting silly items, some of which are shown in this pic. On the table is a dog which sings and dances 'New York New York' and hanging up is a wire model of a man riding a 3 wheeled bike. On the table is his 'smoking box' full of his smoking paraphernalia. Heaven help me if I ever tried to tidy any of these things away! I was very lucky to have spent 21 years sharing my life with this man, 21 years full of laughs - he was very funny. I still see him in my dreams sometimes - I look forward to that.


Valley Art Project said...

This is such a lovely painting. It is wonderful that you had painted this years ago and now you have a visual "moment in time" that will last forever.

Sheila Vaughan said...

Dear Annie, sorry I missed this when you posted it. I think it's a tremendous painting - I can never resist doorways, windows, kind of sneak views of things going on. And your lovely husband there with all his paraphenalia. Sweet dreams, girl.

Angie said...

thank you both for your lovely comments xxx