Monday, 20 August 2012


Sunday 13th August - Saturday 18th We stayed for a week in Polesworth and really liked it. It's a very attractive town yet unassuming at the same time, not at all touristy. It has all the shops you would need - a butcher, a Spar, a greengrocer, post office etc. There is also the ruins of a 10th century abbey and quite a few pubs which we didn't go into because we thought they'd be full of locals and we'd stick out like a sore thumb. The walk to the shops each day took us along the canal, through a nice park, past the beautiful River Anker, and then past a big field with friendly horses in it. The shopkeepers were all very friendly and chatty. It was a bit like going back in time to the sixties. They knew we were on a boat because they have the same customers regularly every day. We were moored a little out of the town next to another boat making and selling chimney pots. The view were we were was an idyllic scene of local farmland. A very nice place to stay.

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