Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Why did I start painting daily?

Well, mainly because I love painting! But I was painting a lot before - I was doing portraits of animals from photos but getting increasingly frustrated with my lack of technique. Also, it's very easy to paint from photos on a computer screen - if you're unsure of a colour you can sample it and isolate it in Photoshop - it's too easy really and also it encourages the dreadful 'detailitis' (well for me it does anyway). I felt as if I wanted to be more bold and brave with my painting. For several years I've been aware of the 'daily painting movement' on the internet and have taken an interest in some of the work posted. One such daily painter is Carol Marine who has written a book called (funnily enough) Daily Painting which I bought and found very encouraging and helpful. Looking at some of the artists on the internet I could see that the habit of making small daily works was helping their painting immensely. Michael Naples is a very good example. I hope that even if it takes several years of practice, I can improve my painting to that extent. Today's painting is of some items I found on the beach in Cornwall when I was there recently. Oil on board 6 x 6 inches

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rateyourart said...

I love the Daily Painters movement, but that movement is really about painting from life to gain experience. As the daily paintings from photos abound online you start to see a very limited homogeneous approach. I think you will advance much quicker painting your own vision from life.