Monday, 11 June 2012


Sunday morning was beautiful, and we got on board to go through the 3 locks into Berkhamsted. Berkhamsted is a very pretty town with lots of dogs, lots of nice people and nice shops. The only trouble is I could get no 3G broadband signal there which meant I couldn't work and even though we had found a lovely spot to moor we knew we couldn't stay for the week as we had intended. We went for a walk into the town and got food from Waitrose then came back and spent the rest of the day visiting canalside hostelries. The Rising Sun is a scruffy and very dog friendly pub with a great atmosphere. By contrast, The Boat, about 100 yards away is smart, modern and just a bit soulless. We had some food at The Boat then made our way back to our little boat. Had a short sleep (it's a hard life) then Dale cooked a lovely meal of roast aubergines and potatoes. We couldn't get a telly signal so watched one of our DVDs - Pulp Fiction. Today we had decided to get up at 6am to get the boat to Northchurch by 9am so I could start work. Strangely, although Northchurch is a small village, there is a good 3G signal there. It was a struggle getting through the 5 locks because it was raining and cold and Molly was getting soaking wet and very miserable. Even though it has rained all night the canal is still low in places and Dale had to do some jiggery pokery with lock paddles so we could get the boat through. Now we are in Northchurch I have been working and everything is ok. We are beginning to realise that work and broadband signals are going to dominate our choice of route and we may have to change our plans. Work always gets in the way of everything! Also we now have a problem with reverse gear! Things always go wrong when you go boating in the rain! The pic above is an ipad sketch of Molly using Brushes.

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