Thursday, 1 November 2012

Pretty Kinver

Saturday 6th October We left Greensforge at about 9.30am today – passed through the lock there and continued through the varied landscape. The next lock was Rocky Lock where rooms have been carved into the rock. Unfortunately I discovered I had left my windlass at the previous lock (we've already lost one) and we only had one long one left which is too long for a lot of the locks so Dale had to walk back and get it. He soon returned with it and we carried on through Rocky Lock and Gothersley lock and came to the village of Prestwood. The canal was quite meandering, through high rocky sides and we soon got to the junction with the Stourbridge canal at Stewponey Wharf, the busiest place we had seen for a while. We went through the lock there then through the Dunsley tunnel which is hewn out of rock.
Eventually we arrived at Kinver, which is an extremely pretty village. There are a lot of long term moorers here. Kinver is surrounded by tall wooded hills and is a delightful village, at once peaceful and bustling, with lots of little shops along the high street. There are some houses in Kinver carved into the cliffs, but we didn't go and see them as they were up a steep hill.

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