Thursday, 1 November 2012


Sunday 7th October Yesterday we bathed Molly so today we tried to cut her fur with our special dog clippers, especially bits on her tummy and legs that have got very matted, but she wasn't having any of it! So we decided we need to find a groom asap. We gave up trying and moved off at about 9.50am, soon arriving at the Cookley Tunnel.
After that we got to Debdale Lock where there is a large cave with a doorway cut into the rock which may have been used as an overnight stable for barge horses.
This is a feature of the Staffordshire and Worcester canal, the high walls of sandstone rock continuing most of the way. The canal wriggles through varied and pretty scenery, and never gets boring. Eventually we got to our destination – Wolverley, and walked into the village to explore. We found an amazing little place where many of the houses are partly cut from the rock.
At the base of the outcrop are the remains of a smithy's shop, cut into the rock.
We went into the only shop to buy a newspaper but it turned out to be a large and bright café with only a few products dotted around the walls. It was full of people chattering and very jolly. We ventured into the Queen's Head next door for a drink and a modern jazz band was playing so we stayed for a couple in the old pub and enjoyed listening to the music.

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