Friday, 9 January 2009

Sleeping dogs and basil

My pen has run out of ink so I have to draw in pencil at the moment. I am pleased with my basil drawing because I have always been useless at drawing plants but this one doesn't look too bad (in my humble opinion). I usually just look at all the leaves and get completely flummoxed! I think working in pen has improved my eye a bit, as once you put a mark down there is no going back so you have to judge measurements and angles correctly first time.


Rose Welty said...

These are both really nice! The pencil is working for you!

Anita said...

Your basil is fabulous! And the dogs are SO sweet! Pencil is working for you. Do you find yourself using the two media in the same way? I always find that my approach to different media is completely different! Your style is recognisable in both.

Angie said...

Thanks Rose! Anita, I am different with pencil - maybe a bit more tentative and pernickety as I know I can change things if necessary. With pen I find I am bolder.