Sunday, 18 January 2009

Speeding up

I decided I'm going to do some small oil paintings and try and speed up. As you can see I am not used to oils. This took me 2 hours and it's nowhere near finished. Hopefully things will eventually improve if I practice enough!


rob ijbema said...

good to see you (oil) paint annie
use a toned underground,it will spped things up for you and ofcourse do lots,lots of little once

annie said...

Brave of you to start oils, and it is so lovely, Annie.
annie #3

Angie said...

Thanks Rob, I will do that, and any further advice is very gratefully welcomed! Annie, it is lovely of you to say so.

Anita said...

Annie - great start! One tip for painting fast - BIG brush and a small canvas! :-)